Tingkatkan Profit Bisnis Travel Agent Anda Dengan Gemini


About Gemini

The Travel Agent business is now facing enormous challenges from newly emerging players over the past few years ie. Online Travel Agent. Without a change from Travel Agent, it is not impossible that the Travel Agent business will end up like a photo-printing business which has been crushed by the changing technology and customers behavior.

Supported by the latest technology, Gemini Online Booking Tools is present to help Travel Agent businessman to improve efficiency and effectiveness in work which ultimately increase the profit of Travel Agent

Feature Gemini


Easy to use

Designed for a Travel Consultant to work efficiently and effectively. Checking the price and seat availability of all aircraft in the same screen, booking and ticket issuance in real time.

Using Your Own Airline Account

By using the airline’s own account, then the sales, commission and airline incentive to be 100% owned Travel Agent.

Security Guaranteed

By using 256 bit encryption and PCIDSS compliance, transaction in Gemini.id is guaranteed. PCIDSS is the standard of credit card transaction security in banking.

One Login One User

No more sharing Login and password. Each User has their own login. This will help the supervision. There are 6 levels of User that can be tailored to the needs of the Travel Agent.

Support Sub Agent

Sub Agent can be made a special login with pricing policy vary for each Sub Agent and there is a deposit / credit limit feature so Sub Agent can make reservation and issue tickets independently.

Risk Free

No investment, 100% money back guarantee!

Instant Set Up

To set up gemini.id for your organization is simple and very fast. Within 24 hours your Gemini.id is ready for production.

Payment Gateway Ready

The transaction from your customer will be seamless using our payment gateway.

Auto Ticketing

No more attending reservation card. Just send the reservation detail to the customer, when the customer pay and the ticket will be issued automatically.


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